Malayalam Calendar May 2017

Malayalam Calendar May 2017

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May 1, Labor Day.

Origin of the May day dates back to 1886 May 1 when labor union in the united states went on a nationwide strike demanding for an eight hour work day even though this strike does not produce any immediate result for laborers it lead to implementation of an eight hour work days system in many countries worldwide eventually.

In Kerala the day mostly celebrated as Labor Day and is public holiday.


May 3, World Press Freedom Day.

May 3, is the world press freedom day throughout the globe. The purpose of celebrating world press freedom day is bringing awareness about the importance of freedom of press and to pay tributes to journalists who have lost their lives around the world when trying to bring in the truth to the outside world.

May 3 has been selected as World press freedom day by the UN General assembly in 1993.


May 8, Red Cross Day.

From 8th May 1948 the world celebrates the day as world Red Cross Day marking the achievements of the volunteers and staff of Red Cross around the world.

Originally being the birth date of the founder of Red Cross Henry Dunant the Red Cross Day bring in the messages to prevent the death from any disasters, illnesses, epidemics and to make sure to reach with medical care during any disasters including war.


May 12, Nurses Day.

May 12 is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. The history of Nurses Day dates back to 1953 when an employee of department of health in USA suggested to the president to delicate that May 12 should be declared as the Nurses Day even though it was denied the same was implemented in 1974.

In United States it is celebrated as the Nurses Week starting from May 6 to May 12.


May 15, International Day of Families.

United Nations has declared May 15 as the International Day of Families in 1994. International Day of Families announces the need of a health and well balanced family for every person. May event in international level are organized during the day including exhibitions and discussions mostly for young people to point out the importance of having a strong family.


May 21, The World Day for Cultural Diversity.

May 21 is celebrated as Diversity Day, officially known as “The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” which was declared by UN in 2001.

In modern world cultural diversity plays an important role in all countries and it is a very important factor in progress and development. During this day many events are conducted globally which are aimed to provide an understanding of issues around cultural diversity among the public.


May 22, The International Day for Biological Diversity / World Biodiversity Day.

The United Nations have declared May 22 as World Biodiversity Day. The purpose of celebrating World Biodiversity Day is to spread the awareness and understanding of issues related to biodiversity to the common people.

Previously celebrated on December 29, it was shifted to May 22 later in order to help governments and organizations to celebrate the day considering the number of holidays in December.


May 31, No Tobacco Day.

No Tobacco Day has been celebrated by World Health Organization across the globe on May 31 every year.   Tobacco – a threat to development has been selected as the theme for the day in 2017.