Panchayat day February 19, 2017

Kerala state government celebrates February 19 as panchayat day in the memory of Balwant Rai Mehta, second chief minister of Gujarat and who proposed the present system of panchayat raj system which is active at present throughout all Indian states. He was also the president of All India Pachayat Parishad.


State government has sponsored Swaraj trophy and cash price on this day for the best panchayts in kerala state. The selection of the best panchayat will be done among the 978 grama panchayats, 152 block panchayats, and 14 district panchayats.

The trophy and cash price has been distributed from the year or 1995 and the selection criteria depend on revenue collection and planning.

The purpose of declaring February 19 as panchayat day is to decentralize the power to the basic level so that every common man in the state have the benefit of panchayat raj system .